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Our University Held the Security Education Meeting for International Students

In order to improve international students’ safety protection awareness and to meet the educational and administrative requirements of our university, Liaoning University of Technology held the security education meeting for international students on September 25, 2019. The Entry and Exit Administration Bureau of Jinzhou PSB, Traffic Police Brigade of Jinzhou PSB attended at our invitation. President Wang Qi and over 500 international students participated the meeting.


During the meeting, Dean of School of International Education, Wang Wenli first stated the importance and purpose of this security education propaganda meeting and put forward the working ways of the international students education and administration. With the expansion of the international educational scale, the security education and law popularization have become another emphasis in international students’ education and administration. Our university will hold the security education meeting periodically so as to help international students to have an all-sided understanding of the Chinese law, to cultivate student to establish a healthy living style and to build a better environment for students to study and live.


The Entry and Exit Administration Bureau of Jinzhou PSB and Traffic Police Brigade of Jinzhou PSB brought lively educational speech to the meeting by Law statement, case introduction and real scene simulation. Starting with the difference of cultures and the lack of cognition, they put forward typical problems of entry and exit administration, religions, telecommunication fraud, forbidden drugs, accommodation off campus, traffic signs, driving precautions and matters of attention when driving in school, etc. in the meeting, which gave answers to many confusions from the students.


This meeting did not only set the alarm to students for personal and property security, but also improved students’ ability of resist insecure factors in their studying lives. More importantly, it helped our university to build a better internationalized campus and perfect our international education system.

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